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About SPJIMR’s Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), approved by AICTE, is a doctoral-level programme of SPJIMR designed to create world-class researchers and high-calibre faculty in various management disciplines. It encourages rigorous interdisciplinary research in contemporary areas of management.

The programme’s rigorous curriculum provides ample training for an academic career and enables participants to make exemplary intellectual contributions in their respective field of research.



  • The online application is for admission to programmes offered in SPJIMR FPM.
  • Application Form Fee is Non-Refundable.
  • Email ID submitted at the time of registration will be used for all correspondences until enrolment is completed. Change in Email ID will NOT be permitted under any circumstances.
  • SPJIMR FPM Query Management System:
    Applicants are strongly advised to use the SPJIMR FPM Query Management System
    (SPJIMR FPM-QMS), rather than an email, to get a quick response.

    For queries kindly connect on:

    1. Register and verify your email ID
    2. Click on [Any Queries? Ask US] in your dashboard
    3. Select the query category and submit your query
    4. For queries kindly connect on: